Core courses

core |

/kôr/ / klassez/


Core courses, also known as core curriculum, are primary and fundamental classes in school that are required for an individual to complete so that they can graduate successfully. The five core courses of basic education consist of English, math, history, science and social studies.

The primary reason for implementing mandatory core courses is to ensure that students are balanced in fundamental knowledge and prepared to function properly in society.

Additionally, offering students essential basics of a core curriculum, students are provided with a fair and balanced chance of achieving academic success. While all classes should be considered crucial, core courses are deemed to be invaluable. It is for this reason that core courses are mandatory for successfully completing basic academic requirements.

Core values

core / val.ues

|kôr| |ˈvalyoō|

Core values are an individual's fundamental beliefs and guiding principals by which they live by. Core values are essential for dictating the way a person behaves and how an individual differentiates right from wrong. 


There are many different types of core values, as an individual's core values are unique and particular to their beliefs. While one person's core values may be antithetical to another's, this does not mean that one is righteous in their individual life choices while the other is wrong. For example, one young man may choose to put their families first and above anything else in their life. Contrariwise, another young man may have aspiration's to continue his schooling, rather than settling down and starting his family. Both of these men have completely opposite core values, but they each possess core values that benefit and best suit their ambitions. 


Parents often attempt to  ingrain personal, core values in their children. Instilling personal, core values  is done by most parents and can even be viewed as a primary, parenting instinct. However, as loving and diligent as parents may be, attempts of passing core values down to their child will sometimes prove to be futile. Additionally, adolescents who rebel and display out of control behaviors in spite of their parents' love and support are commonly referred to as, troubled teens. 

To summarize, almost every individual's core belief system is unique to them in one way or another. A person's religion, political beliefs, or even early childhood, may be the foundation for their particular set of core values. Additionally, parents who hold high moral values, may not be successful in instilling these same core beliefs into their children. These parents may be doing all that they can, but are still unable to reach their struggling child. 

For parents of troubled teens, who are in desperate need of assistance in terms of controlling their child's out of control behaviors; there is hope. The therapeutic foundation of a therapeutic boarding school may be the most appropriate option for parents, such as these, to consider.