Academic success

/ac·a·deem·ic/ /suc.cess/

|ˌakəˈdemik|| səkˈses|

Academic success is an individual's successful completion of achieving academic goals. These objectives may be personal (achieving high marks in school) or mandatory goals that are set for the by educational authorities (earning a certain amount of credits in order to graduate).

Academic success is a rather subjective and broad term that can be used to describe many academic achievements, personal to the particular individual. However, all academic success is only achieved through a certain amount of diligence and determination. For example, if a person struggles academically due to their learning difficulties, academic success for these types of students may be to advance to the next grade of their schooling. Additionally, a student who excels in their schooling may strive for academic success by earning high enough marks in school in order to receive a scholarship to an esteemed and highly sought after college. While both goals of academic success are vastly different, they require an equal amount of hard work and dedication.