Why is Change Uncomfortable?

Why is Change Uncomfortable?

Why is Change Uncomfortable?
Why is Change Uncomfortable?


Change can be devastating - especially for young adults.

Other than sexual, emotional, and physical changes, they also get to experience social changes. Social changes may lead to peer pressure which, depending on the impact, comes with several challenges. Young adults joining colleges are exposed to a number of changes. Many students would love to fit in and receive recognition. Rather than being on the usual end, many college students prefer the fame and recognition. This is one of the major reasons as to why change leads to discomfort. 

Accepting College

Many times, students will study their college education away from home. The separation leads to emotional concerns and this change may not be readily accepted. While many desire freedom away from home, it is often easier said than done. Just a few days into college and you will notice students asking to go home. Being around friends and family all your life then leaving for college where you know might not know anyone can make the change rather uncomfortable.

Fitting in

Joining college is a step ahead into educational success. Some students prefer to fit in and make the best of every moment. This is the reason peer pressure takes root in colleges. If a given group of persons are popular and excessively, the likelihood of a freshman joining in on such activities - even if they are uncomfortable doing so - is high. In other circumstances, these students may buy things that exceed their budget, all for the sake of "fitting in." There are so many groups to fit into, and the young adult can find themselves torn in how to deal with these unknown situations and friends. This discomfort often leads to severe emotional distress.

Differentiation and Diversity

Differentiation may arise from the aspect of different upbringing, cultures, and social limits. Colleges admit students from all over and the aspect of diversity is inevitable. Many young adults find it difficult to shine in their own skin. They cannot be too sure which option is the best. Back at home, there is a common element that tied individuals together, but in college, it will seem like everyone is an alien.

It is important that young adults undergo counseling to prepare themselves for life in college. As much as change is inevitable, the process could be gradual to ensure students do not take the wrong route. College preparatory classes can help in this, and give your student a step up into this sometimes-overwhelming academic world.

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