Troubled Teens and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

Troubled Teens and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) Many troubled teens suffer from Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and haven’t found the help they need to deal...

Troubled Teens and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

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Troubled Teens and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

Many troubled teens suffer from Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and haven’t found the help they need to deal with the issues associated with this disorder. ODD is associated with an ongoing pattern of uncooperative, disobedient, aggressive behavior towards adult authority figures. At Cedar Ridge Academy, we can help correct all of the negative behaviors associated with ODD. Our therapeutic boarding school has helped countless troubled teens transform their lives.

Possible Symptoms of Troubled Teenage Boys & Girls with ODD:

  • Easily irritated by peers
  • Always arguing with parents and other adults
  • Questioning, and refusing to abide by, rules
  • Go out of their way to irritate others
  • Say overly hurtful things during arguments
  • Vengeful, aggressive attitude

ODD causes troubled teens to participate in many different negative behaviors. This can often cause a number of problems in their lives, such as academic struggles, drug or alcohol addiction, relationship problems, or even legal troubles. Though the causes of ODD are unknown, there are many different help options available.

Cedar Ridge Academy: Helping Troubled Teens change their lives

At Cedar Ridge Academy, we are a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens that can help struggling adolescent boys and girls overcome whatever issues are holding them back in life, including issues associated with ODD. We provide a unique variety of therapy programs, encouraging our students to remain physically active with programs such as our karate therapy. We believe that regular exercise is extremely beneficial towards helping teenagers maintain a calm, steady mindset. This is extremely beneficial for adolescents who have ODD.

We also enable our students to get back on track in the classroom. Many kids struggle with their grades because they haven’t received the necessary help they need to deal with the symptoms associated with ODD. At Cedar Ridge Academy, your son or daughter will be able to overcome their negative behaviors and receive the time and attention they need to get caught up, and often even get ahead, in their studies. Please give us a call today if you feel that our program could benefit your family at 866-471-6629.

Teens Arguing With Parents, Teachers, and Authority Figures

A common problem among teens is a tendency to rebel and argue with parents, teachers, and authority figures. While this may start as a small problem, often it will escalate into major arguments with teachers, parents, and authority figures which is problematic for a teens personal life and education. It is important that parents experiencing this kind of behavior in their teen actively look for ways to address the problem. This often means contacting professionals to help your teen address the roots of their anger and the reasons behind their frequent arguments with their parents, teachers and other authority figures. At Cedar Ridge Academy, we are incredibly experienced in dealing with teens going through these kinds of problems.

Reasons Behind Teens Anger

The teenage years can be a contentious time for a parent’s relationship with their teen. While some discord can be natural, some teens take disagreements with their parents, teachers, and authority figures to an unacceptable level. This can be due to the teen having developed difficulty with anger management or various other personal issues. Frequently, when the problem has escalated to this point it is difficult or impossible for parents to get the situation back under control without professional help. With help, however, it is possible to get your teen back under control. Cedar Ridge Academy has several programs that specialize in helping teens manage their anger and relate to authority in a healthier and happier way. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.

Why Forced Compliance Will Never Build Lasting Change in Teens

Many parents and others seeking to bring about lasting change in teens will be frustrated by the failure of forced compliance to make a significant difference. This may seem like a problem that could quickly be addressed but many parents have troubled understanding why their approach to discipline is not working. Instead of using forced compliance, parents and professionals must seek to address the underlying reasons behind the issues teens are facing and seek to bring about fundamental changes. This type of treatment can have a real and lasting impact on any teen.

Cedar Ridge Academy is a treatment center for troubled teens that can be reached at 866-471-6629.

Find A Better Alternative To Forced Compliance For Teens

It is important for parents to understand that when referring to using forced compliance on teens it means that instead of trying to help them address the fundamental reasons behind the issues they are experiencing, they are merely forced to behave in a certain way. While this approach will often seem initially successful, it will later bring about rebellious behavior and resentment. This is also heavily tied to the fact that it is inherent in human nature to desire to do something that is forbidden. What these factors make clear is that the most effective way to help teens overcome their issues is not through forced compliance. The best case scenario in a forced compliance situation is temporary improvement followed by a recurrence of the problem. This is not what parents and treatment programs want to achieve. Instead, parents need to use this understanding to avoid forced compliance and look for healthier ways to guide their teen toward the right path. By approaching treatment in this way, it is possible to fundamentally change teens and address the real reasons behind their problems. It is this type of treatment and not forced compliance that will bring about the lasting change you desire for your son or daughter. Don’t let your teen miss out on the right help because you have been focused on using forced compliance to bring about the change you desire.

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