College Prep Beyond The Classroom- Prepare for Success

College Prep Beyond The Classroom- Prepare for Success

College Prep Beyond The Classroom- Prepare for Success
College Prep Beyond The Classroom- Prepare for Success


Preparing for college is a stressful time, and there are all kinds of factors out there that exist to hold your young adult back:

  • High tuition prices
  • Terrible labor markets
  • Approximately 25% of college graduates aren't in a career in their particular degree field
  • Grades
  • Endless homework assignments

As a parent, what can you do to prepare your young adult for college, outside of a school environment? Are there certain things you should be doing to help your young adult establish themselves?

Of course there are.

1. Help them revise essays and get their homework to the best standard that it can be before they get to college

One of the hardest things to recover from is the lack of drive when it comes to homework standards and the operations of a typical school behind them. Getting your student ready for the rigors that come with college style homework when you aren't around to motivate them is important for success.

2. Help your young adult establish their career choices

It's particularly difficult for young adults to acclimate to an environment where they're expected to have decided which direction to go in their lives. Often, there is a lot of anxiety behind even picking a school, let alone figuring out which way to direct one's life. Helping your child decide what they're best at and motivating them to stretch their wings and practice in extra-curricular activities well help them realize their full potential. Also assure them that they needn't decide everything all at once - it is common for students to change their majors and remind them that is why they have the first two years of general classes.

3. Be the shoulder to lean on - but be supportive

You're going to want to drive your student to be their best, this is natural. At the same time, be supportive. Your young adult is going to make rash decisions and also is going to regret those decisions. It's your job as a parent to help your child effectively navigate through these tough, emotional times to be supportive but not overbearing. Don't be afraid to let your opinion show though - sometimes it's completely necessary, and they'll thank you for it later. But it's most important to always be there for them in the first place.

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