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All Boys Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

Do you have a son who has been struggling with drugs, alcohol, violence, poor grades, or other forms of misbehavior? If so, you’ve probably been looking for a way to get fast and efficient help. Cedar Ridge Academy specializes in helping families in this situation. Through the use of innovative therapies, high quality academic support, and the guidance of a caring staff, we have been able to bring about lasting change in the lives of hundreds of youths. In addition, because we are an international private boarding school, we are able to help young boys from around the world. If you have a son who has been struggling, we encourage you to make the right choice and contact us today at 866-471-6629. We are positive that we can help your family through this difficult and confusing time.

Why Parents Choose Cedar Ridge Academy

Offering the best of the best for your teenage son in a safe and drug free environment, we strive to see your son become independent. With our help, your son can achieve all of his potential. 

Individualized Therapeutic Options - Many schools will offer the same therapies to every student regardless of their individual needs and issues. At Cedar Ridge Academy, we feel strongly that it is more effective to have our staff use an approach that centers around getting to know your child on an individual level and tailor their treatments accordingly.

Unique Theraputic Activities - With a highly trained and skilled staff, we provide a karate program to teach your struggling son to channel frustration and aggression towards a more productive and positive self-defense skill set. Encouraging self-motivation and discipline, it's a great way to learn.

Prestigious Academic Achievement - We understand that slipping grades go hand in hand with behavioral issues and our professional educators would like to see your troubled teen get back on track and attain the educational level to help get into a top notch college or university. 

We can be the solution in this trying time, Cedar Ridge Academy Boarding Schools has the expertise in all the right areas to help mold teens into a healthy, independent young man. With our individualized theraputic options, unique activities and education training we can overcome the struggles your teen has. Call us today, 866-571-6629, we can answer any and all questions you have.

Teen Living

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