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U.S. Private Boarding School and a Basketball Program for Boys from California

Cedar Ridge Academy's basketball team plays competitively year round. We feel that our opportunity is superior to the typical formats of public education system; our players often come from California and enter an environment where they all share the same goal. Learning to be accountable to one another on and off the court, this will truly help build core values as well as build on skills and a love for the game of basketball. As our team achieves common goals, this will give each student athlete a sense of pride in their school and most importantly themselves.

Cedar Ridge Academy provides both academic excellence and an opportunity for basketball competition at the high school level. Some student athletes believe that they need to choose between excelling in sports or doing well in school. We believe that both excellence in school and on the court can be achieved. If you are interested in finding out more about our basketball program and excellent academics, call our admissions director at 866-471-6629 or Email us at [email protected].

Year-Round Basketball Programs for Teens

For Unmatched Academic and Basketball Skill Sets, Cedar Ridge Academy is the Answer for Students Who Live in California

Given our ability to help students excel academically, Cedar Ridge Academy can make it possible for a student to attend a college or university that his basketball skills and development would permit. If a student wants to improve his “game”, we can help. If a hoopster wants to get into a top-flight school at the collegiate level we can help see that he qualifies. Here are some of our strengths:

1) Blended Learning and self paced academics - Students at Cedar Ridge Academy have a blend of academic experiences including: traditional teacher lead instruction, one on one teacher tutoring, and “online” class instruction which can be watched repeatedly and or paused so the student can ask questions, or look up information. This allows students to progress at their optimal learning pace.

2) Academic Mastery - Students must demonstrate sufficient mastery of a subject in order to complete assignments with a minimum score of 80% before being allowed to move forward in the curriculum. When a student scores less than 80% they are provided additional learning opportunities in order to raise the level of their academic performance to meet the higher standard.

Eligibility to Play Basketball and Other Sports

Student Athletes can meet eligibility requirements in as few as two weeks once enrolled at Cedar Ridge Academy. Since we are interested in growth both athletically/academically and socially/emotionally, we do have standards and expectations for out student athletes. If a student athlete loses eligibility they may regain eligibility in as few as two weeks.

Let Us Help You and Your Student Athlete Excel in Both Efforts

We strive to be the answer to parent's worries when it comes to their student athlete’s education. We also want to help develop a student’s talents and help the athlete prepare for the “Next” level. Call us at 866-471-6629 or Email us at [email protected].

"Become addicted to constant and never ending self improvement". - Anthony J. D'Angelo

"Everybody can be great... because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love." - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Therapeutic Insights

  Many parents of troubled teens have failed to find the help their son or daughter needs in order to make profound, lasting changes. Life coaching could be a viable solution for these adolescents and their families. Life coaches provide troubled teens with much needed structure in their life, allowing them to build a steady, reliable relationship with a positive influence. At Cedar Ridge Academy, our therapeutic boarding school

Young adults end up facing more pressure in their adolescence than many parents might even suspect. There are many social, culture, and peer pressures that can cause adolescents to make mistakes in their formative years. If you once had a child that was college bound and has seemingly fallen off-track, then there are some strategies that you can employ to reach your child. It’s important to remember that a misstep ultimately says

Sometimes, it is hard for a parent to provide the structure that some children need- especially if they have special needs. Parents often find themselves overwhelmed with the struggles that come along with the needs that these particular children have. Sometimes, therapeutic boarding schools are exactly what children struggling to overcome things like autism and severe attention deficit- especially when parents have reached their breaki

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Anaheim (CA), Arcadia Unified School District (CA), Atherton (CA), Basset Unified School District (CA), Bell Canyon (CA), Berkeley (CA), Beverly Hills (CA), Beverly Hills Unified School District (CA), Bonita Unified School District (CA), Burbank Unified School District (CA), Capistrano Unified School District (CA), Carlsbad (CA), Charter Oak Unified School District (CA), Chula Vista (CA), Claremont Unified School District (CA), Concord (CA), Coronado (CA), Culver City Unified School District (CA), El Monte City Unified School District (CA), Escondido (CA), Fairfield (CA), Fremont (CA), Fresno (CA), Fresno Unified School District (CA), Garden Grove Unified School District (CA), Glendale Unified School District (CA), Hawthorne Unified School District (CA), Hayward (CA), Hidden Hills (CA), Hillsborough (CA), Hillsborough City School District (CA), Kingvale (CA), La Jolla (CA), La Mesa (CA), Lake Sherwood (CA), Long Beach (CA), Long Beach Unified School District (CA), Los Altos Hills (CA), Los Angeles (CA), Los Angeles Unified School District (CA), Marin (CA), Modesto (CA), Norris Canyon (CA), Northern (CA), Oakland (CA), Oceanside (CA), Pomona (CA), Rancho Santa Fe (CA), Richmond (CA), Riverside (CA), Riverside Unified School District (CA), Rolling Hills (CA), Sacramento (CA), Sacramento Unified School District (CA), Salinas (CA), San Bernardino (CA), San Diego (CA), San Diego Unified School District (CA), San Francisco (CA), San Francisco Unified School District (CA), San Jose (CA), San Juan Unified School District (CA), San Luis Obispo (CA), Santa Ana Unified School District (CA), Santa Clara (CA), Santa Clarita (CA), Santa Rosa (CA), Southern (CA), Sunnyvale (CA), Vallejo (CA), Woodside (CA),
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