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CRA Offers year-Round Basketball and Academics to StudentsCedar Ridge Academy's basketball team plays competitively year round. Unlike typical formats of public education, these players will be in an environment where they all share the same goal. Learning to be accountable to one another on and off the court, this will truly help build core values and long lasting relationships. Sharing in this common goal will give each student athlete a sense of pride in their school and most importantly themselves.

Cedar Ridge Academy provides both academic excellence and an opportunity for basketball competition at the high school level. Athletes who want to play competitive basketball on a regular basis turn to Cedar Ridge Academy. If you are interested in finding out more about our basketball program and excellent academics, call our admissions director at 866-471-6629 or Email us at [email protected].

For Unmatched Academic and Basketball Skill Sets, Cedar Ridge Academy is the Answer.

Even if your student is struggling academically, we offer a unique academic opportunity for student athletes to achieve in the classroom and the basketball court. Cedar Ridge Academy’s Academic model incorporates the following.

1) Blended Learning and “self paced” academics - Students at Cedar Ridge Academy have a blend of academic experiences including: traditional teacher lead instruction, one on one teacher tutoring, and “online” class instruction that can be watched repeatedly and or paused so the student can ask questions, or look up information. This allows students to progress at their optimal learning pace.

2) Academic Mastery - Students must complete each assignment, quiz, and test with a minimum score of 80% before being allowed to move forward in the curriculum. When a student scores less than 80% they are required to repeat that assignment, quiz, or test.

Athletic Eligibility

Student Athletes can meet eligibility requirements in as few as two weeks once enrolled at Cedar Ridge Academy. If a student athlete loses eligibility they may regain eligibility in as few as two weeks.

Let Us Help You and Your Basketball Loving, Student Athlete

We strive to be the answer to parent's worries when it comes to their student athletes education. We are therapeutic, academic orientated, and basketball loving. Call us at 866-471-6629 or Email us at [email protected].

Teen Living

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