Cedar Ridge Academy Is Closed

As of April 2020, Cedar Ridge Academy and all of it’s managing staff have ceased doing business due to an asset sale by the owners.

Makana Takeover

Makana Leadership Academy (Makana Outreach) is in the process of finalizing the purchase of the land and buildings in Roosevelt, UT that was formerly the Cedar Ridge campus. Since May 2020, Makana has taken control of every aspect of the campus to implement a very different program model.

Makana is a nonprofit academy for teens age 14 - 17. As a nonprofit, there is a board of directors that meet quarterly to govern the management of the school. Wes Nielson was invited to have a seat on the Board while the purchase of his property was pending. As of October 1, 2020, Wes Nielson resigned his board seat and stepped down from further involvement.

Makana's Mission

Makana provides a safe, supportive environment to address the very issues outlined by former students of abusive and unhelpful programs in the “troubled teen industry”. We know from first hand experience that many young people have been mistreated in “therapeutic” programs. Makana's mission is to change this problem at its core, going far beyond treatment and helping in every way possible to create a positive life for young people and their families.

Makana's focus is on teens who are experiencing hardship with issues like depression, anxiety, trauma, poor self-esteem, and struggles at school and home. Makna does not accept students who are demonstrating dangerous behavior, self-harm, cognitive disabilities, or severe addictions. They employ a relational model that addresses attachment trust issues with proven therapy and provide experiential learning and highschool credit recovery to help students find their inner drive and their own definition of success.

Contact Makana

If you have questions or concerns about the Cedar Ridge or Makana, please contact Makana's Development Director, Matt Blodgett.

We are committed to full transparency and we're eager to help how we can.

Makana Leadership Academy Website