Substance Abuse Treatment Programs for Troubled Teens in Florida

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There are several substance abuse treatment programs available to troubled teens living in Florida, that are designed to work specifically with boys and girls from the ages 12-17. If you are a parent in Florida, searching for substance abuse treatment programs for troubled teens, help is not far away. Please call 866-471-6629, for information regarding the best substance abuse treatment available.

Substance abuse treatment programs help troubled teens from Florida, who are abusing drugs and alcohol, with the goal set forth, that they make a decision to live a sober life. In turn, helping them to become emotionally stable, and healthy. Troubled teens start to see a sober life as a real possibility for themselves, becoming more confident and more secure with their own abilities. After the completion of their treatment, many teens feel so rejuvenated, they are ready to take on the world, excited for the bright and successful future they see for themselves.

Cedar Ridge Academy is a top-notch, therapeutic boarding school, serving troubled teens from all over the country, including Florida. We offer troubled teens elite, therapeutic services to help them overcome their substance abuse issues. We believe that every interaction with boys and girls in our care, is an opportunity to help them change their behaviors and motivations. Cedar Ridge also offers year round academics to troubled teens who are battling substance abuse. This makes it possible for these students, who for the most part, are extremely behind in school, to catch up on credits, and repair poor GPA. Cedar Ridge is an experienced program, restoring the lives of thousands of troubled teens struggling with substance abuse, over the years.

Common signs of substance abuse in troubled teens

Hyperactivity and excessive talkativeness

Shaking hands or cold sweaty palms

Puffy flushed or pale face

Runny nose and cough

Experiences nausea and vomiting

Tremors of the head, feet or hands

Needle-like marks on extremities, including the bottom of feet

The Admissions Directors involved with Cedar Ridge Academy, are here to help make parents of troubled teens living in Florida, be aware of the benefits that substance abuse treatment programs can have on your struggling child. Please consider Cedar Ridge as your child’s catalyst for intervention, and rehabilitation. Contact our Admissions Directors by calling, 866-471-6629.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs serve troubled teens from the following cities in Florida:

Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Hialeah, Fort Lauderdale, Tallahassee, Cape Coral, Port St. Lucie, Miami Beach, Sunrise, Plantation, West Palm Beach, Palm Bay, Lakeland, Pompano Beach, Brandon, Davie and Kendall