Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Teens from Texas

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Residential treatment centers are therapeutic programs, serving troubled teens, as well as their families from Texas. The main goal of residential treatment centers is to help troubled teens from Texas become emotionally and academically stable. Please call 866-471-6629 to receive information on the best options available to you, and your child.

Troubled teens from Texas enroll in residential treatment centers because of behavioral issues such as anger management, psychological problems caused by traumatic events, negative peer pressure, or drug and alcohol abuse. Many teens enrolling into residential treatment centers are behind in, or failing school. Luckily, residential treatment centers offer accredited educational programs to help students recover lost credits and repair bad grades, so they may graduate high school on time, or even early.

Cedar Ridge is a premier residential treatment center located in northern Utah, serving troubled teens from Texas. Cedar Ridge provides a safe and comfortable environment for troubled teens to battle their issues, with an unlimited amount of support from caring, and professional staff members. Cedar Ridge offers a unique method of therapy in the form of Shotokan Karate training. Our Karate training teaches students self discipline, as well as respect for themselves and others, all the while participating in daily, rigorous exercise. Cedar Ridge has much success, and experience in serving troubled teens, both boys and girls. We are fully dedicated to the complete rehabilitation of your struggling child.

Issues of Troubled Teens in need of Residential Treatment Centers

Emotional Problems Including Depression, Bipolar Mood Disorders, or Anxiety

Behavioral Issues including Anger and Rebellion

RAD – Reactive Attachment Disorder

ODD – Oppositional Defiant Disorder

PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Substance Abuse Issues

Drug and Alcohol Abuse / Addiction

Mild Eating Disorders

Personality Disorders

Self- Harm and other Self-Defeating Behaviors

Adoption Issues

For parents of rebellious or struggling teenagers in Texas, in need of the therapeutic intervention that only residential treatment centers for troubled teens can offer, Cedar Ridge is here to help. Without further delay, call 866-471-6629 to speak with our Admissions Director, and start the enrollment process, immediately.

Parents have searched for Residential Treatment centers in the following cities in Texas:

Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, Fort Worth, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Plano, Garland, Lubbock, Irving, Laredo, Amarillo, Pasadena, Brownsville, Grand Prairie, Mesquite, Abilene, Beaumont, Waco, Carrollton, McAllen, Wichita Falls, Midland, Richardson, Odessa, San Angelo, Killeen, Tyler