Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Teens from Massachusetts

Residential Treatment Centers Residential Treatment Centers Troubled Teens from Massachusetts Residential Treatment Centers Troubled Teens from Massachusetts Cedar Ridge Academy Karate Boys OnestepWhen the bad behaviors of troubled teens from Massachusetts become too much for parents to handle, the most viable solution is to enroll them into residential treatment centersCedar Ridge Academy is unique as far as residential treatment centers go, for the environment is home-like and therapeutic, not institutionalized like that of larger programs. Residential treatment centers are geared towards the recuperation of troubled teens, and Cedar Ridge Academy takes that to another level by hiring caring staff members that have dedicated their lives to helping adolescents achieve autonomy and balance in body, mind and spirit. Learn more by speaking with our child placement specialists at (866)471-6629!

Residential Treatment Centers:  How Cedar Ridge Academy Helps Troubled Teens

Shotokan Karate Training:  Troubled teens from Massachusetts who enroll in our program will experience traditional Shotokan Karate Training which instills a sense of discipline into wayward adolescents.  Those who struggle with ADD/ADHD and nonverbal learning disabilities will especially benefit from this therapeutic modality. Residential treatment centers that incorporate daily exercise into the rehabilitation regimen increase the likelihood of long-term success. Shotokan Karate Training creates a sense of discipline and perseverence that builds leadership qualities while optimizing mental and physical function.

Individual and Group Therapy:  Ph.D and Masters level clinicians make thorough assessments of each student’s individual circumstances and needs in order to develop a customized treatment plan that will restore emotional wellness and delve to the root causes of issues.  Troubled teens from Massachusetts will discover that residential treatment centers are not punishment for bad behavior, but venues that accelerate growth and development.  With group therapy, a positive peer culture is built where troubled teens feel less alone in their struggles.

Academics Program:  ACT and SAT preparation and testing, GPA restoration, college preparatory courses, and specialized tutoring all play a role in the Academics Program at Cedar Ridge Academy. Residential treatment centers like Cedar Ridge Academy double as therapeutic boarding schools.

Concerned parents of troubled teens in Massachusetts can take heart in knowing that there is professional assistance available.  To learn more about how residential treatment centers restore lives, contact our kind admissions counselors at (866)471-6629 today.

Troubled Teens from these Massachusetts Cities have received Help from Residential Treatment Centers:

Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, Cambridge, Brockton, New Bedford, Fall River, Plymouth, Lynn, Quincy, Newton, Somerville, Lawrence, Framingham