The Connection Between Academic Performance and Depression


The Connection Between Academic Performance and Depression  The Connection Between Academic Performance and Depression 7612419638 c93d25f080Depression is an all-encompassing disorder, so it’s easy to see why there is often a connection between it and academic performance.  If your son or daughter is suffering from depression, you will probably see a change in all areas of their life, including their health, personal relationships, and especially their academic performance.  The consequences of lowered academic performance can follow teens for a very long time, so it’s important to understand the connection and cope with depression before it takes a major toll on academics.  Cedar Ridge Academy has the resources to help your child focus on their academics at the same time as depression, so it’s the perfect program for teens facing issues in both of these areas.  For our help, please call us at 866-471-6629.  

Coping with depression and academic issues

Depression can cause feelings of sadness, loneliness, despair, disinterest in hobbies, and apathy.  It’s easy to see why experiencing these feelings makes it difficult for teens to maintain good grades at the same time.  It’s difficult to focus on anything else while trying to cope with these extreme emotions, which is why the connection between academics and depression can have so many negative effects.  Because of this, the program at Cedar Ridge Academy involves therapy and academic recovery at the same time.  Individual attention is provided in both areas, so teens are able to recover in both ways.  In therapy your son or daughter will learn how to overcome their depression.  While they are doing this, they will get personalized attention from their teachers which ensures success in the classroom.  Eventually, teens are able to handle their depression in a healthier way as well as have the traits and training necessary for them to be successful in school on their own.  When your son or daughter comes home you will see that they are happier, have a better attitude, and that they are more enthusiastic about school and performing their best.

Getting help from cedar ridge academy

Most of the students that come to Cedar Ridge Academy suffer with academic performance issues, so our school is fully prepared to assist your child with this issues, and help them overcome their depression at the same time.  If you would like to get our help and see a positive change in your child, call us today at 866-471-6629.